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As experts in the concrete industry for over 30 years, we offer many decorative and utilitarian concrete services. Our services include concrete polishing, acid staining, dye & seal, surface prep, overlays, decorative saw cutting, and joint sealing.

Concrete polishing is the foundation our company was built on. We have spent the past 6 years refining and perfecting the art of the trade.


The process begins with a bare concrete slab, typically the building’s foundation, and transforms it to a decorative floor. Through a series of grinding and honing steps, the surface of the concrete is flattened and smoothed. The final product looks similar to a polished stone such as granite or slate.

Grind & Seal is an easy and economical way to transform any concrete floor. Grind and seal the natural gray for a modern, contemporary look, or add color to brighten up a space.


Floors can be sealed with a “wet look” sealer for a shiny appearance, or a penetrating sealer for a more natural look.

Acid staining offers the desirable marbling and color variation effect, which comes from a chemical reaction with the concrete. Because every piece of concrete is different, no two finishes ever look the same.


Whether looking to add character to a building or transform exterior slabs, acid staining is a great option inside or out. It’s the only concrete product we’ve found that will sustain the elements in an exterior setting.



Does your concrete leave something to be desired? Whether you’re prepping for decorative concrete or another type of flooring, our surface prep services can help.


We can grind through almost anything and leave you with a clean slate.

Whether you’re looking for a simple tile grid, or an intricate centerpiece for your floor, we can saw almost any pattern or design into a slab. Want the saw-cut look without the headache of dirt-catching joints? We’ve got that covered too.


Concrete installation and pour back services for small to medium-size projects as an added benefit to our decorative services, or as an individual service. Our formers and finishers have over 10-years experience to ensure you get the best finish possible.

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