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Polished Concrete Company originated as a division of Concrete Coring Company, a full-service concrete cutting service company, in 2008. As experts in the concrete industry with over 30 years of grinding experience, restorative grinding was one of our staple services. It was a natural progression to move from utilitarian residential and commercial grinding to a more decorative sector of grinding known as concrete polishing.

Since the company’s inception we have quickly become one of the leading concrete polishing contractor in the nation, performing over 6,000,000 square feet of polishing. We work for contractors and owners on projects nationwide. Our installers are certified in five polishing systems.

We perform work across all industries including educational and institutional, industrial, retail, restaurant and hospitality, and healthcare, with an average of approximately 1,000,000 square feet of polishing per year.

To become the Nation's leading concrete polishing contractor for product excellence and customer satisfaction.

Our Story

Polished Concrete Company is a division of Concrete Coring Company, a full service concrete drilling and sawing business in Albuquerque. Originating in New Mexico in 1983, we strive for professionalism and customer satisfaction. We began offering decorative concrete services when we realized the growing demand for a beautiful, long-lasting, eco-friendly flooring and design solution.

Our Vision

To provide an alternative to conventional flooring that is durable, sustainable, and beneficial to the long-term development of our planet. We push the boundaries of the concrete industry by producing floors from an industrial material that incite passion through their awe-inspiring beauty.

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