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Surface prep is a good option if you’re considering applying a dye or stain to your concrete floor. By lightly grinding the surface of the concrete, you will have a clean, porous slab which will produce a more vibrant, consistent, and longer-lasting color. A clean, porous slab will also allow the sealer to form a stronger bond with the concrete and will last longer.


Surface prep is also used to remove existing paints, coatings, or flooring adhesives. Whether you’re prepping for decorative concrete or another type of flooring, we can grind through almost anything and leave you with a clean slate. We can grind to any level from a rough, abrasive surface for epoxies or other coatings, to very smooth for a stained concrete floor.

Does your concrete leave something to be desired? We have several different options to give your existing concrete a facelift, or level or flatten an uneven floor. Maybe decorative concrete is not the right option for you, but you need your underlying concrete prepped for another type of flooring.  Are you a Do-It-Yourselfer and want to do the decorating yourself but need your concrete properly prepped? No problem. We can grind through epoxy, glue, mastic, paint or just about any other coating that’s on the surface of your slab and leave you with a clean slate.


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