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As a subsidiary of Concrete Coring Company, a full-service concrete drilling and sawing company for over 30 years, we know a thing or two about cutting concrete. So who better to leave your decorative sawing to than the experts? We can cut almost any pattern you can design. Saw cut joints also need to be filled. Whether you’re simply sealing an exposed floor, polishing, or adding color and sealing, filling the joints helps to protect the edges of the saw cuts. Sealed joints also  eliminates dust from collecting in the joints, and they create a seamless floor which is much easier to maintain.



Decorative Sawing

Concrete patterns and designs can be achieved two ways – through masking and staining or saw cutting. We can give the appearance of joints, a tile pattern, or other designs by masking the “lines” and staining around them. This option leaves a smooth surface with no cut lines to fill. The other option is saw cutting, which gives the design a little more depth. We can cut joints any width or depth, and almost any design. We also cut control joints on new slabs for crack relief. We do recommend, however, that any saw cuts be filled with some type of joint fill. We’ve got that covered too.


Joint Sealing

Every exposed slab should have joints; they allow the slab to move and help eliminate cracking. But joints on an exposed floor are traps for dust and dirt and can be a nightmare to keep clean. So we offer and easy and attractive solution by filling them with either a color-match or nicely contrasting joint fill.


We offer several different types of joint fill, but we most commonly recommend a poly-urea for interior applications and a silicone for exterior applications. The poly-urea joint fillers come in varying hardness depending on the required elasticity. They are typically more rigid than the silicone fillers, as interior slabs see less movement due to less drastic temperature changes. The silicone fillers offer more movement for exterior slabs that are exposed to the elements.

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